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Apply for a transport business license by car


1. Legal basis

• Law on Road Traffic 2008;

• Decree 86/2014/ND-CP regulating business and business conditions for transport by car;

• Circular No. 63/2014/TT-BGTVT dated November 7, 2014 of the Minister of Transport, regulating the organization and management of transport business by car and transport support services. Road;

• Circular 60/2015/TT-BGTVT amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 63/2014/TT-BGTVT dated November 7, 2014 of the Minister of Transport on Transport business management by car and road transport support services.

2. Conditions for the grant of transport business permits by car

• Registration of transport business by car in accordance with the law;

• Ensuring that the quantity, quality and shelf life of the vehicle are consistent with the type of business; means of transport business must be fitted with vehicle-tracking devices according to the Government's regulations;

• Ensure that the number of drivers and staff on the vehicle is consistent with the business plan and must have a written labor contract; staff members on the vehicle must be trained in transport business and traffic safety; not to use a driver who is in a period banned from practice according to the provisions of law;

• Persons directly managing the transport activities of enterprises and cooperatives must have professional qualifications in transport;

• There is a parking space suitable for the size of businesses, cooperatives, business households, ensuring requirements for order, safety, fire prevention and environmental sanitation.

(according to Article 67 of the Law on Road Traffic 2008)

The above are general conditions for the industry of transport business by car, in addition to specific forms of transport such as: passenger transportation by fixed route, passenger transport by car, bus, taxi, contract business, tourist transport by car, freight business also has its own conditions that need to be met as specified in Chapter III of Decree 86 / 2014 / ND-CP.

 3. A dossier of application for a business license includes:

• An application form for a business license in the form prescribed by the Ministry of Transport;

• A certified copy (or a copy with the original for comparison) of the Business Registration Certificate;

• A certified copy (or a copy enclosed with the original for comparison) of the diploma or certificate of the person directly operating the transport;

• Documents to ensure that the quantity, quality and shelf life of cars are consistent with the business form;

• A valid copy of the Parking Use Right Certificate or the parking rental agreement;

• Transport business plan by car according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport;

• Vehicle list

• A copy of the vehicle registration certificate (or car rental contract; commitment between cooperative members and cooperatives, ...)

• Decision to establish and define the functions and duties of the management department, monitor traffic safety conditions (for businesses, cooperatives doing business in passenger transportation along fixed routes, passenger transport by bus, passenger transport by taxi, freight by container);

• Registration of transport service quality (for businesses, cooperatives doing business of transporting passengers on fixed routes, transporting passengers by bus, transporting passengers by taxi);

• Contract and record of acceptance for the vehicle's cruise monitoring device (except for taxis).

4. Procedures for granting transport business permits by car

The transport business unit submits 01 application for the business license to the Department of Transport by post or directly.

If the application is required to be amended or supplemented, the Department of Transport shall notify directly or in writing the contents to be supplemented or modified to the transport business unit within 03 working days from date of receipt;

Within 05 working days from the day on which the complete application is received, the Department of Transport shall verify the application, issue the Business License and concurrently approve the attached business plan. In case of refusing to grant a business license, the Service of Transport must reply in writing, clearly stating the reason;

The receipt and result return are done at the headquarters of the Department of Transport or by post.

- Translated by Dao Duc Thinh -

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