Dear: Customers, Partners and Friends of Khoa Tin!

Vietnam is making great progress from the extraordinary aspirations and will of a class of good merchants and leaders who care about the dignity of the nation. We are entering a decade of resurgence, whose movements are as majestic as those of armies crossing the Truong Son mountain range to the North or to the South. In that resurgence, legal experts have a very important role. Quietly and only standing by the side of success, but they themselves have created a safe corridor for companions to succeed.

Khoa Tin, a law firm with aspiration and will, has gathered a large and reliable force since Vietnam entered this decade of rise. Khoa Tin’s legal experts are trained from prestigious law schools, including experts trained abroad, many of whom have worked in judicial agencies, and understand the operation of the system. judicial system in Vietnam. The staffs with deep understanding of a specialized area of ​​their strengths, gathered together, have helped Khoa Tin to solve many complex and diverse legal issues of clients. Helping many people get rid of the legal burden, helping many companies to overcome events to return to stability and development.

Khoa Tin is headquartered in Hanoi and has branches in 4 important cities of the country, with 5 specialized legal centers capable of supporting a wide range of legal services for clients. The preparation of force and scale has been made for a long time and has been accumulated more and more. It is our efforts and carefulness that have created peace of mind for our customers and partners. We are proud to be accompanying companies in the group of the largest companies in Vietnam, listed companies on the stock exchange, and at the same time extremely happy to support a legal matter of this nature. very private of an individual.

We firmly commit that, Khoa Tin brings peace of mind to customers with loyalty, with us loyalty has no relative value. Like so many other businesses in this tumultuous decade of Vietnam, we always patiently overcome each challenge with high will and determination, we are determined to be the pioneer to protect our achievements and achievements. Worthy value belongs to the customers who have trusted and chosen us.




Khoa Tin is a law firm that provides a wide range of legal services and is the workplace of many experts; a system capable of self-training; to 2027 to become a law firm in the group of 20 leading law firms in terms of revenue management capacity and number of clients; Khoa Tin's associates become the core in the ecosystem of legal services and corporate legal management.



Khoa Tin was created to solve legal problems in daily life, from loyalty and ability to coordinate different legal expertise, Khoa Tin brings peace of mind and peace to those companion has chosen you.



Protecting others is protecting your own values, preserving and cultivating loyalty to prosperity together.


Development History


Established Khoa Tin Law Firm


Lawyer Do Ba Duong resigns from managing legal activities of Techcombank and works full-time at Khoa Tin.


Mr. Do Tien Dung resigns as Procurator at the Supreme People's Procuracy to work full-time at Khoa Tin


Faculty of Credit changes the management model


Lawyer Ngo Le Quynh was appointed Director of Ho Chi Minh City Branch.


Lawyer Do Khanh Linh was appointed Director of Da Nang City Branch.